Gye Nyame Drop Earrings featuring Black Onyx and Carnelian – “Except God!”


Gye Nyame Drop Earrings with Onyx and Carnelian


Gye Nyame (gee neeyom-may) drop earrings, featuring power stones onyx and carnelian!

  • Wooden Gye Nyame symbols painted with a glossy opaque black
  • 10mm black onyx rounds
  • Sparkling bronze rhinestone bead caps
  • Smooth carnelian nuggets
  • Silver plate findings and wire
  • Sterling silver French ear wires
  • 3 inches length

The Andikra symbol Gye Nyame translates to “Except God.” It expresses the faith of an African people who see God’s involvement in every aspect of life. Black onyx is a powerful amulet of protection, while carnelian is stabilizing and stimulates creativity.