Prosper Gray Tassel and Ruby Nugget Drop Earrings


Passion gray tassel, ruby, Karen Hill Tribe silver and cultured pearl drop earrings


“Passion” is a design of gray tassels with beaded caps, topped by a magnificent ruby nugget, with Karen Hill Tribe nests of fine silver, and a natural freshwater pearl. Passionate, understated and powerful.

  • Gray tassels with beaded caps
  • Rich red ruby nuggets, natural and unpolished
  • Karen Hill Tribe fine silver
  • Natural cultured pearls
  • Silver plate findings
  • Sterling silver French ear wires
  • 3 1/4 inches length

This elegant design features two of my favorite stones: summer stones Pearl (June birthstone) and Ruby (July birthstone). Ruby, a stone of royalty and nobility, is a stone of passion and love. It stimulates the body’s natural life force or “chi,” while instilling a sense of well-being and peace to the wearer. A stunning combination.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver is made by the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand. It is made by hand and contains a higher silver content than sterling (98% for the Karen Hill Tribe vs. 92.5 for Sterling), giving it a beautiful silver/blue sheen.