Purrrl Cultured Pearl and Crystal Drop Earrings


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Sexy pearls. Have you ever seen pearls like this? I’ll admit that I hadn’t, until I found these in Kaiulua-Kona, Hawaii. Hawaii is the land of pearls – they are everywhere! And being a fan of pearls and all things of the water, I was looking for something unique. and boy, I was not disappointed.

These long, skinny and chunky freshwater pearls are paired with glistening Czech crystals for a little flash, but really they don’t need much more. They are so stunning on their own. These are not just pearls, they are purrls!

– Natural freshwater pearls, long and skinny, drilled lengthwise
– Czech crystals, highly faceted
– Silver plate findings
– Sterling silver French ear wires
– A dramatic 2.75 inches length

A very feminine stone, pearls are not a true stone, but are formed by oysters self-nurturing. They are formed when a foreign body gets into the shell, typically a grain of sand, and the oyster secretes a fluid called “nacre” to coat the foreign body, over and over again, that hardens into a pearl. Pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems,” and are mentioned in both the Bible and the Koran. Pearl is the June birthstone.