Royalty – Purple Tassel Drop Earrings with Botswana Agate and Ultimate Gray Shell


Fierce Warrior Women earrings of royal purple tassels, Botswana agate and Ultimate Gray shell


Earrings for a Queen! Royal purple tassels suspended from Botswana agate and gray shell.

  • Royal purple tassels with silver plate wire
  • Botswana agate squares
  • Ultimate gray shell rounds
  • Silver plate findings and wire
  • Sterling silver French ear wires
  • 3 inches length; lightweight

Botswana Agate is a warm, comforting stone of the chalcedony family. Mined in Botswana, it is the “Sunset Stone” for it’s quality of gathering and retaining sunlight. It is a balancer of emotions, and has a stabilizing energy.